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Benefits of Peanuts


It is a very popular oil seed among the humankind since centuries. The taste is very delicious, crunchy and seeds rich with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. There are a lot of health benefits of peanut- kernels. It is also known as groundnut or earthnut. The kernels are full of energy ...

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Skin Care


The skin tone and complexion change according to the place you live, weather effects, climates and season. Sometime the effect really positive but most of the time it turns into a nightmare. For example in cold weather countries people have dry skin but as compared to heat weather countries like ...

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Tips for Pink Lips


Wish of every female is to have pink and rosy lips. It is an open secret that pink lips really make a female personality fabulous and sexy.  If you are really sick of your dark lips then here are some tips for you. Tip-1 use honey and lemon on daily ...

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Honey and Beauty


Honey is the best sugar approved by the medical sciences. Honey bees collect the natural stuff from flowers, plants and produce such a delicious and beneficial honey. According to medical sciences honey can be us against  a lot disease also this bees product is having a lot of benefits for ...

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Egg Benefits for a Healthier Life


Egg is a wonderful gift of nature with full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Eggs are commonly used in our daily diet in breakfast, bread, biscuits, soup, sandwiches and food stuff. It is an important diet for our health both white and yolk. The yolk contains 43% protein and white ...

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Banana Facial Mask


We all know about fruit benefits but people do not know much about fruit facial masks. Today! We are sharing with you how to prepare banana facial mask and its benefits for your beauty and lovely skin. Normally fruit mask can be prepared from dry or fresh fruits but we ...

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Tips for Hair Removal


For both men & women unwanted hair over body is a big issue in the past but in the present time there are a lot of ways to get rid of these unwanted hairs. It is very important for both men & women to remove these hairs that really improve ...

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Green Tea – Benefits


We all love tea, hot chocolate and coffee, especially in winter the demand of hot drinks increase and you will see a great rush coffee shop, Starbucks and other retailers. There is another Green Tea/herbal tea/ weight loss tea from the family which is very popular among the whole world ...

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