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Nails your Beauty


You would to shake hands with a neat clean person and you might avoid a person having dirty hands and dirty nails because it is a human physiology and insecurity of diseases might cause or transfer through hand shake or touching. The most important thing of your personality is your ...

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Hair loss tips


Hair loss is a problem of every house and every one afraid of baldness. Most of the people relate it to family genetics and some relates to medical issues but in my opinion both situations are right according to circumstances. So I wish to share with you a couple of ...

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Beauty tips for women


A study has proved that women are more conscious about their beauty instead of men. Every woman always wishes to look more beautiful than other women in a gathering, in the university, in the office or any occasion. They use a lot of lotion, creams, make up, spend money on ...

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Care about Children Tooth


Oral health is very important for a good health. Specially for kids it needs more attention and care. Childern don’t know much about it because they are not aware of it. They love to play in mud, sand eat a lot of choclates and confectionary if parents will not care ...

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Tips for Weight Loss


Anyone of us wants a pleasant personality and tries to looks smart and handsome. A lot of men and women spend a lot of money for around the world on daily basis for purchasing medicines; weight loss tea and syrups etc on daily basis but luckiest people get the results. ...

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Home Remedies to Remove Sun


Summer is a head and specially in may, June and July everyone fancy to go beach side and enjoy sun bath with cool breeze , have fun with family and friends, take bath in the sea and enjoy the swings of water waves. Most of the people have very sensitive ...

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Benefits of Peanuts


It is a very popular oil seed among the humankind since centuries. The taste is very delicious, crunchy and seeds rich with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. There are a lot of health benefits of peanut- kernels. It is also known as groundnut or earthnut. The kernels are full of energy ...

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Skin Care


The skin tone and complexion change according to the place you live, weather effects, climates and season. Sometime the effect really positive but most of the time it turns into a nightmare. For example in cold weather countries people have dry skin but as compared to heat weather countries like ...

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