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Banana Facial Mask

We all know about fruit benefits but people do not know much about fruit facial masks. Today! We are sharing with you how to prepare banana facial mask and its benefits for your beauty and lovely skin. Normally fruit mask can be prepared from dry or fresh fruits but we suggest with fresh fruit only because fresh fruit contains a lot of minerals and nutrient but when fruit pass through dry process fruit lose most of the minerals and proteins lose. You can make a banana facial mask at home because all the ingredients are easily available at home. The important benefit of fruit facial masks is that these masks have no side effects for all skin type. Banana facial mask is very best for dry skin because it gives natural moisture and glow to your skin with natural nourishments.

Step-1 Give a facial massage to your face very politely and gently. It is important to get rid of useless grease on your face and open skin pores.

Step-2 Use lukewarm water and wash your face for a couple of minutes, this process makes spaces in cells of skin and provides oxygen to your skin.

Step-3 Protect your nose, eyes and mouth before you are applying any type of facial mask on your face. The best thing is to ask your friend or family member to help you out; in case if no one around then better to lie down on bed or sofa take a small mirror in your hand and apply facial mask with yourself.

Step-4 You need two banana, one tea spoon honey and one cup of powder milk and some liquid milk just make it softer to apply over skin; mash the banana into a bowl add honey and powder milk and mash altogether to make a paste but it will be a thick then use some milk to make a paste.

Step-5 Use this paste on your face for 20 to 30 minutes minimum the smell of facial will not be very irritable; so better to watch a film or enjoy music. One important thing that you should not neglect is to sit in relax mood and keep calm. This is very important to give time to skin absorb minerals and nutrients properly. If you will move around and do something your brain will not relaxed and your skin will not absorb minerals properly.

Step-6 After 20 to 30 minutes minimum wash your face with lukewarm water or cold water don’t use hot water because hot water dangerous for skin and skin cells. After washing your face use towel for dry but make sure don’t rub towel on your face gently slap your face with towel.

Now straight go to your dressing and see your face which is soft, glowing and whitening. We will suggest taking banana facial mask once in a week because it’s very easy home remedy and not a difficult task to have a glowing face.


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