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Beauty tips for women

A study has proved that women are more conscious about their beauty instead of men. Every woman always wishes to look more beautiful than other women in a gathering, in the university, in the office or any occasion. They use a lot of lotion, creams, make up, spend money on dresses & shoes, jewellery and accessories just to be in the lime light all the time. Most of the women have the feeling that beauty is always proportional to money; expensive product makes your personality elegant and if you think so too then you are living in fantasy world. Here are a couple of tips to improve your beauty and stay in lime light.

Tip-1 Fresh Fruits, Juices and Vegetables: if you want a fresh, elegant and soft skin then start using fresh fruits, vegetables and juices because these are rich in vitamins A, B, B12 and C that keep your skin health and soft for long time.

Tip-2 Cracked Lips: it is a very important part of your personality, so care your lips use home remedies for lip dryness and darkness. You can use lemon juice with honey to cure your lips.

Tip-3 Care your Teeth: I will strongly suggest giving proper time and treating your oral health every day; because most of us feel embarrassment because they having issue of bad breath brush your teeth at least twice in a day.

Tip-4 Pimples: Some of the women having this issue and can pay lot of money for pimples treatment. Most of the women facing defeat and lose heart but here is good news for them. If you have such issue then stop eating junk and oily food. Take two spoons Basin powder and two spoons of yogurt and one cup of milk and one spoon of honey in it shake it well and make a paste then use this paste up to one hour on face every day.

Tip-5 Eyes: use olive oil on eye lashes if you want to long eye lashes and eyes beauty always come with this; you should complete you sleep minimum 8 hours in 24 hours. If you are not use to it but honey drops are very good for eyes, eye side try to drop a couple of honey drops in your eyes before sleep.

Tip-6 Hair Care & Style: Most of the time women look nice because they have an amazing hair style and hair cut. If you have dandruff in your hair then don’t need to spend money on expensive shampoos and conditioners, just need to start drinking extra water and take cup of yogurt add one egg in it smash and mash eye into yogurt and paste all over on your hairs for 45 minutes minimum after wash with warm water and you will see the difference.

Tip-7 Make up: it’s very important when you choose eye shades and blush on make sure if you are going out in day time then use normal and very light make up and if you are going out in night then use dark colours.

Tip-8 Matching and Dressing Sense: it’s no matter you have expensive dress or not but it really make matter that you have dressing sense; choose right outfit for right occasion.  The makeup according to your dress matching or right contrast; some of the women contrast brown with black with is very bad so careful in choosing contrast of make up with your dress.

Tip-9 Feet and Shoe: your sandals should be matching with your clutch if you are going out in night time and if you are going out in day time then your shoes compatible with your dress or matching with any other colour in your dress.

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