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Benefits of Peanuts

It is a very popular oil seed among the humankind since centuries. The taste is very delicious, crunchy and seeds rich with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. There are a lot of health benefits of peanut- kernels. It is also known as groundnut or earthnut. The kernels are full of energy like almond and pistachio kernels. Most of people used in winter and some cold areas people normal used in summer also due to enrich with energy and nutrients the kernels boost energy in your body and keep warm. On the other hand peanut is very health for heart. A peanut contains 88% biotin, 47% copper, 36% magnesium and other useful healthy minerals like potassium, vitamin B3, B1, vitamin E, phosphorus and protein. The origin of peanut is Central America but in other countries due to its huge healthy benefits peanut – oil seeds cultivated as primary commercial crop in India, china, Pakistan and Africa. Here are a couple of health benefits that will help you into your daily diet menu for a healthier life.

Benefit – 1 it is a healthier nut with low fat. A 100 g peanut provide 567 calories to your body and essential for human body due to vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

Benefit – 2 it is a good anti oxidant against cancer like other fruits but according to a research roasted peanuts contain more percentage of p-coumaric acid levels. Peanuts also decrease the chances of colon cancer.

Benefit – 3 using of peanuts can decrease cardiovascular disease like heart attack. According to a study it really helps for women health 37% decrease the chances of coronary heart disease.

Benefit – 4 use of peanuts control your blood pressure and increase blood flow in your brain which really affect your memory and wisdom. It is very good for school going and old persons because kids required more energy and old people require good memory.

Benefit – 5 peanut kernels also contain protein and fine quality of amino acids which really essential for growth and development.

Benefit – 6 peanuts are a good source of resveratrol which is very good against heart diseases, Alzheimer’s diseases and viral infection.

Benefit – 7 peanut kernels also contain vitamin E which is very important for human skin and face beauty. If you are use to chew peanut kernels once in a week then you will look young and smart. Secondly, due to good source of energy you will become powerful and agile.

Benefit – 8 peanut also good source of vitamin B3, B1, copper, phosphorus and other mineral which provide energy to human bones and increase red cells.

Peanuts are available in the market all season but excessive of everything is bad if you feel you tongue is going dry then stop using because peanut kernels bit dry and check the expiry date before you buy from the market.

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