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Do Facial At Home

How to do facial at home:

Facial Lead:

How to do it at home

The step by step instructions on “how to do facial at home“.


The necessary steps we would follow are:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Massaging
  3. Scrub (Exfoliation)
  4. Steam
  5. Face Pack
  • Step-1: Cleansing

You will need: Cotton Pad Cleanser procedure: Wash out your face thoroughly with the help of cleanser.If your cleanser is “cleansing milk” then take few drops on ur finger tips apply in circular motions and wipe off. If its in liquid form, dip the cotton balls in it and wipe off your face thoroughly

  • Step-2: Massaging

Here move towards the most difficult part of the facial.You will need: some good cream or a appropriate oil (2-3 ml oil is more than enough for a dace massage, do not use too much oil please.)


There can be two options:

  1. Massaging someone else’s face
  2. Massaging yourself.

In these cases posture of hands differ a lot, that’s why i decided to make a different thread for massage. refer threads “how to massage a face” n “how to massage own face” in that order.

  • Step-3: scrubbing

You will need:

A branded scrub or a homemade one some cotton pads


Take little amount of scrub. apply gently with finger tips. DO NOT USE ur palm, or any other part of hand.not even whole fingers. just the TIPS. keep touching ur fingers slowly n genlty in small circular motions. Do not apply pressure, Do not hurry. Enjoy for 4-5 mins. All slow n calm circular motions.Wipe off with cotton pads.

  • Step-4: Steaming

You will need:

Steamer (if you dont have a steamer at home you can use a put, some hot water and a towel) cotton pads


now after cleaning the face after scrubbing, lets move to steam. if you have a steamer for face, examine the instruction on your back about how to place your face on it n on how much distance etc. if you are using pot, hot water and towel.. take some water in a pot(vessel) heat it till it boils and steam formation takes place. once its boiled. Turn the gas off take the pot and keep on a table or kitchen surface, be cautious very careful. now position your head above the pot at least 8-9 inches. Place the towel on your head so as it covers your entire head and the area around you and the pot. Let the steam make you panic. you would be anxious in 2-3 mins. Ideally three to four mins steam is good enough.Wipe off ur face with cotton pads. For acne and open pores skin take steam by advice and not too much.

  • Step-5: Face Pack

You will need:

Prepared made face pack/ Home made face pack brush/applicator (you can also use your fingers for same purpose); Buy some face pack according to your skin type, or the flavor which you want to use during your facial or make one at home. Apply the face pack on your face, using a brush or your fingers. Take care of eyebrows, eyelids, under eye, lips. Let the face pack be on you face for the time mentioned specifically for that pack. Time duration varies for some packs. Otherwise normally you can keep a pack for 15-20 mins.

Once the pack is done, remove it according to the method given with pack, like circular motion of fingers/ warm water wash/ cold water wash etc .Dip a cotton in toner and wipe of your face. * if its a day apply some sunscreen after the facial. If you have oily/combination to oily skin then use the following mask Orange peel mask. 1 tbsp orange peel,1tbsp besin,1tsp honey,pinch of turmeric And if you have dry/combination to dry skin then instead of basin use milk powder. 2. or else simply you can mix 4tsp of orange juice and 1 tsp curd and apply for 15 mins..then wash off with cold water..this is for all skin type.I think all the things are easily obtainable.. And results will be grand. but if you still want to go for any branded face pack . you can buy a good one from a branded company according your skin type.Steam must not be taken if you gonna go out. means after taking steam aperture get open so you need to apply mask and then also not 2 step out atleast 4 few hrs.

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