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Egg Benefits for a Healthier Life

Egg is a wonderful gift of nature with full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Eggs are commonly used in our daily diet in breakfast, bread, biscuits, soup, sandwiches and food stuff. It is an important diet for our health both white and yolk. The yolk contains 43% protein and white part contains a lot of calcium, nutrients and minerals. Here are a couple of benefits that will help you to understand that how much egg is important in our daily diet.

Benefit – 1 More Vitamins: egg is the only one which contains almost all the vitamins for example vitamin B2, B12 these vitamins help to improve digestive system and produce red blood cells. Vitamins A & E improve eyesight and heal damage tissue and cellular and keep liver healthy. On the other hand all these vitamins are very important for kids especially when they are in their early days please start egg to your kids in the age of 6 months for a healthier life.

Benefit-2 Energy & Loss Weight: Egg is a good source of energy; if you do a hard working job handling weight then you have to eat an egg on daily basis. The egg helps to provide complete protein to your body and a great quantity of cholesterol which increase energy and keep you healthier. According to a study 400 calories can get from one egg and egg contains cholesterol but this is “dietary cholesterol” so don’t worry about fatigue.

Benefit-3 Zinc & Phosphorus: Egg shell is packed with zinc, phosphorus and iron. These minerals and nutrients are very important for pregnant women. Zinc helps to improve your immune system and turn food into energy.

Benefit-4 Proteins: Egg contains 25 gram protein for sport persons it is very important to include in their daily diet on the other hand for kids especially school going kids need more proteins so egg is very important for their growth and egg also helps to strong bones and teeth.

Benefit-5 Anti-oxidant & Keep safe from Cancer: Egg yolk contains 125.5 milligram of choline which is 44% lower risk of breast cancer. So you should include egg in your daily diet and keep yourself fit, smart and healthy.


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