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Full Body Massage

Brief Meaning:

Rubbing the skin gently is called massage. It is the oldest, simplest, most used and most beneficial technique for human health. It is a type of exercise for our skin like we do exercise for other body parts. If we are hurt, we feel itch or we have pain in any body part, the first thing we do is, rub the skin of affected area, which makes us feel better. It is like a first aid tool from the nature for our body. Massage has another mystery in it, which relates to touch. Nature has kept something special in touch. When someone touches us, our body feels chemical changes which can be positive and negative both. If the touch is hard, we feel negative change which turns into pain likewise if the touch is gentle and soft we feel pleasure and relax. In the same way if the touch is from opposite sex, it has another reaction. Precisely speaking massage is an outstanding natural gift for human being, which is all time available even if nobody is around.



Although massage is considered as a normal activity for the body, but one should consider his medical conditions before agreeing for a massage. Arthritis, Pregnancy, Cancer, Blood Clot and fractures etc. can become a hurdle in massage. If a person receives massage during such adverse medical conditions, it can be harmful rather beneficial. That’s why medical consultancy is very important before receiving a massage if someone is going under medical complexity. Nowadays many hospitals and senior physiotherapists are providing massage services, which is quite appreciated. The benefit of getting massage from a qualified Physiotherapist of Doctor is the person remains secure from getting pressure on any delicate vein, which can be harmful.



Massage contains many benefits in it as it has been already discussed that massage is an exercise for skin and it relates to touch. So when a person receives touch on his skin it stimulates chemical reactions in body. In this way there happen changes in the body, which result in medical benefits. Following are some key advantages of massage:

  • A healthy non-sexual massage reduces stress level in the body and muscles. It relives the body from unusual tiredness and fatigue. It relaxes the muscles and removes any strain which causes pain or disturbance.
  • Massage also eliminates depression and anxiety conditions in body. Due to massive work or mental stress a person can fall into depression or anxiety, both the conditions are extremely dangerous for health. Heart attacks and brain hemorrhage are caused mostly by depression. So massage is the cheapest and simplest way to avoid any stroke to heart or brain.
  • Purging pain and stiffness is a key benefit of massage. It is a first aid for body in case of ache or rigorousness, because the immediate thing your body needs is massage in that situation. It removes the stiffness which results into relief unless any worst case scenario.
  • Blood circulation enhanced if a person receives massage. Sometimes our body parts don’t get the required amount of blood during normal working. This is damaging for the organs and make them malfunctioning. Such a thing can be happen to both internal and external parts so whatever is the case massage is the key. Because it accelerates the blood in the vessels, which contains oxygen. So our body organs start working efficiently.
  • Massage is a tonic for our immune system. Associate body work with massage increases the functionality of our immune system. Massage professionals stimulate our lymphatic system which assists the immune system to protect our body.
  • Massage provides unmatchable benefits skin. It removes the dead cells from all over the skin, which help in skin tone betterment. Enhanced blood circulation also tightens the skin by reducing the gap between skin cells. Firm skin gives younger and fresh look. It also encourages skin tissues regeneration due to which appearance of scars or stretch marks reduces. Oiling of skin provides moisturizing and removes dryness over the skin.

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How to give a full body relaxing massage?

Giving massage is not a simple task. Not everyone can do it with perfection. If masseur is an untrained person, that can be harmful rather beneficial. That’s why nowadays many people like to get massage from trained and qualified professionals. Many physiotherapists and hospitals provide this facility under the supervision of expert people. Following are some of the essentials for massage;

  • First of all for a healthy and soothing massage, there must be proper atmosphere for that. All arrangements must be relaxing and comfortable for massage. A bed, soft rug or professional massage table should be used.
  • Room temperature is the second most important thing. As the client or massage partner will be partly undressed so it should be considered that they don’t feel cold. To make the room temperature comfortable we can use digital thermostat with space heaters.
  • Massage room must be isolated or locked so that during massage there is no disturbance and noise. Because the basic purpose of massage is peace of mind which can only be obtained at a quiet and unaccompanied place.
  • Keep the room lights dim because it gives a soothing effect to mind. By the end of the massage most people fall asleep, that’s why it is better to keep the lights dim.
  • If possible soft and romantic music can be played. It will add to the relaxing experience. Soft music lowers down the nervous activity and the client/partner feels easier. Also make sure the music is neither too loud nor too low.
  • Use good quality skin oils for the massage. Jojoba, almond, sunflower, olive and mustard oil can be used for massage. The oil must be less fragrant and its aroma should be pleasant and attractive. Never use more aromatic oils, they can cause sneezing or allergy.
  • Use warm oil, not hot or cold. Oil makes the massage easier as well as warm oil works like a tonic for skin.
  • After all the above arrangements you are ready to give massage. Now start the massage from soles of feet. It’s the best technique for giving massage to start from the bottom rather from the top. Wrap your hands around your partner’s feet and put pressure on the soles with your thumbs. Do the same with heels and foot arch. Ask your partner before touching the feet because some people are ticklish. When you reach to their toes give them all a gentle pull. It will release tension and relax them.
  • After feet move slowly up to the legs and give them a gentle and round massage with all your fingers and thumb. Try to move your thumbs round while massaging the legs. It will release any tension in them. Also put the pressure with both hands at the same time while you are moving your fingers around.
  • In the same way gradually move upward all over the legs and thighs. Don’t forget to be gentle and slow. Never haste during massage and give each part full attention and time.
  • Keeping up with the trend move from lower back to the upper back. Try to remove all the knots on the back of your partner with thumb and one finger. Use press and release strategy while massaging the back. It will release a lot of tension.
  • After that do the neck and shoulders with the same technique. Be gentle and slow. Shoulder muscles are the most affected area due to stress and fatigue. Put mild pressure on the shoulder muscles and release them.
  • Now come to the arms and hands. Just like feet soles, massage the hand palms with your thumb. Put pressure on the palms. It’s so soothing and relaxing. In the same way pull all the fingers gently.
  • End your massage with head. Put pressure on the forehead with your thumbs and swirl your fingers in the hairs. Some people like their hairs to be pulled gently while massage so ask your partner if they like it. Otherwise it can be painful and may ruin your whole massage activity at the end. Put pressure with your thumbs at the backside of ears. Rub the ears in a way that your partner doesn’t feel pain.

Perfection to massage:

Above are the essentials to the massage while there are still some things which are although not essential but they can make your massage perfect.

Always remember to massage slowly and gently. Any haste in massage will make it waste. Keep your hand in touch with skin all the times during massage. Even if you want to pour oil or want to drink water, keep your one hand in contact with the skin. Don’t put undue pressure on any area which can cause any pain to your partner. Keep communicating with your partner by asking if they are feeling good. In this way you can keep them mentally involved in the massage. It will also keep you informed of what they are appreciating and what they are not. So you can carry on or abandon that activity accordingly. Avoid contacting with bones especially spine and back bone. Massage purely relates to skin and muscles so there is no room for bones.

Above is the detailed full body massage activity. Hope it can be helpful and make your partner feel good.


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