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Get Rid of Winter Effect- Tips

Its Christmas time and Happy New Year is also ahead and on special occasions everyone want to look beautiful and attractive but unfortunately winter bad weather, raining, snowing and freezing environment destroy our skin and face beauty. Here are a couple of things that you need to notice and some tips that you need to follow for an amazing health and look fabulous on Christmas and Happy New year Eve.


normally in winter you don’t feel thirsty and we don’t drink water as our body normally required. What happened when we don’t drink water in winter; you will get dark circles around your eyes and dry skin. If you observe such symptoms you should start drinking water. According to medical science nine glass of water should drink in 24 hours.


sleeps properly; as water is important same like your sleep does effect on you face beauty and health. At least eight hours sleep must required you can also schedule your sleeping time. It will be great if you sleep some time very after your lunch. This practice will increase your face beauty and complexion.


for silky and soft skin you need to take some chickpeas boil in hot water hen grind it mix the powder with milk and make a paste. You need to apply this paste 15 to 20 minutes every day on your face and then wash your face with normal water and in few days you will have fresh, silky, and soft and fairness skin.


in winter you will feel that you have dry and crack lips which shallow your personality because lips are the most important part of your personality. The best thing is that take 7 almonds and shake in with one glass of milk and drink in the morning before

your breakfast and you will see the positive effect in few days.


for freshness on your face you can also do home remedy take a lemon cut in the middle and massage your face with two lemon piece on your face every night on daily basis. The smell will not be irritating so you can sleep easily then wash your face in the morning after sleep. Don’t waste your money on face wash and cleansing products.


another easy tip is that you need one glass of water and one table spoon of honey. Early in the morning especially in the winter you can do this remedy for your skin and beauty. Mix the spoon of honey into glass of water shake well with spoon and drink it. You will see in few days that your skin is going pink glow.

These are very good home remedies that you can use at home without any specially arrangements. On the other hand they are very much effective and result oriented. Instead of wasting money on big brands and beauty stuff I will suggest natural beauty with natural remedies.

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