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Good night sleeping tips

After a long day everybody want to sleep tight at night and enjoy dreams but it’s not an easy task because if you have a problem during night time that really irritate you and you will not enjoy the day ahead. Here are a couple of tips that will help you for a good sleep and in the morning you will get up fresh and fine.

Tip-1 Food: Please avoid junk food in the dinner time. Most of people faced digestive and stomach problem at night they can’t sleep properly whole night because they feel headache and chest burning issues. So first of all this very important that you have light stuff in dinner and walk around 10 minutes before you go to bed.

Tip-2 Wash your feet before you are going to bed it is very important task according to medical science if you want to be healthy, active and smart then go to toilet before you sleep. It is a good habit so keep in practice for a healthy life and sweet dreams.

Tip-3 Always sleep on the right side because your backbone only relaxed in this position and according to medical science right side sleeping habit improves your immune system, heart beat and blood pressure.

Tip-4 Sleep for 8 hours minimum which is very important for a human body. If you will sleep less then you will feel idleness and weakness in your body. You will be more active and intelligent if you will sleep proper and minimum eight hours in a day. If you don’t get time in the night then find a time after lunch for sleep because some people do night jobs and sleep the whole day that is very bad for health. if you have such although .   s A good sleep not only has the advantage that it is enjoyable. It improves memory and, more generally, the mind.

Tip-5 Ventilation and fresh air should pass trough from your room, so make sure a window is open for this purpose and during sleep you will require less energy for inhaling oxygen which will give you comfort and relax sleep.

Tip-6 Don’t smoke cigarette before you are going to sleep or having coffee and tea because nicotine disperse your snooze.

The entire time make sure when you feel dizzy straight away turn off your TV or any other activity and go for sleep. Have a nice dream.

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