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Green Tea – Benefits

We all love tea, hot chocolate and coffee, especially in winter the demand of hot drinks increase and you will see a great rush coffee shop, Starbucks and other retailers. There is another Green Tea/herbal tea/ weight loss tea from the family which is very popular among the whole world from the last couple of decades. It was initially used in urban areas but after time people came to know its benefits now it’s wide spread around the world and most of countries cultivate this crop for import. Here are a couple of benefits for your information and knowledge to use this for a healthy life.

Benefit-1 Quantity if Zinc: Green Tea contains a very large quantity of Zinc which is very important for our healthy body. The pregnant women need zinc for healthy child so green tea is very good for pregnancy women also.

Benefit-2 Active Immune System: English tea contains nicotine and excessive use disturbed your immune system and creates digestive problems but on the other hand Green Tea is rich with natural nutrients activates your immune system and fight against different disease. Most of the people specially like when they are suffering cold, flue or cough. Green tea is really very good for digestive system you can experience it when you will have after your lunch. The green dries leafs contain vitamin C minerals and zinc which really help to digest your food and warm water pass through vessels which provides a healing and refreshing impact to stomach for hard work.

Benefit-3 Anti-Oxidant: A great quantity of zinc and vitamin C provides energy to body and protect against different disease like cancer, high blood pressure, sugar and allergy. This hot drink has only benefits with no side effect. You can have three to four cup of green tea on daily basis if you like to because green tea also improves your kidneys. If you have any issue relates to kidneys then start using green tea and you will feel the difference.

Benefit-4 HIV and AIDS: The medical science has proved that green tea contains antibiotics that really protect against HIV and AIDS.

Benefit-5 Weight Loss: Green tea contains minerals and nutrients that really very good for body and immune system on the other hand green tea contains an ingredient that burns our extra body fats. If you want to lose weight then stop eating junk food and start having green tea at least three times in a day.

Benefit-6 Refresh Skin & Mind: Green tea contains all the natural ingredients with zero nicotine this quality makes a difference between English and Green teas. Due to zero nicotine Green tea is very great to expand the skin and open the pores and nervous system.

Benefit-7 Control Blood Pressure: The cholesterol deposits on the blood vessels and hurdle in blood flow Green tea wash and wipe out this cholesterol from the blood vessels maintain blood pressure and blood flow.

Green Tea is also a drink of summer because after drinking green tea our body temperature drops 2 degree and green tea open our skin pores which helps oxygen to pass through our skin pores which decrease the heat waves.

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