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Hair loss tips

Hair loss is a problem of every house and every one afraid of baldness. Most of the people relate it to family genetics and some relates to medical issues but in my opinion both situations are right according to circumstances. So I wish to share with you a couple of remedies and hair acre tips for having beautiful look.

Tip-1 Hair Gel & Spray: such things are very good in fashion but on the other hand very dangerous for your hairs. Hair gel, spray is a big sources of dandruff and it also weak your hair roots. The best thing if you want to give a wet look to your hair is oil. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil but its smell not nice you can also use almond oil. These oils not only give a wet look also very beneficial for the growth of your hairs and strengthen your hair roots.

Tip-2 Sleep: you should have an eight hour sleep every night and before you sleep eat some food and massage your hair with olive oil.

Tip- 3 Bath: Make sure you bath every day it’s very important for healthy hairs; according to most of the women every day hair washing is bad for hairs but this concept is totally false. Water is very important for our body and if you think everyday washing is bad then why you wash your face every day with water. I think it make a sense so keep hair neat and clean give a fresh look to your hairs and personality.

Tip-4 Hair Colour:  Due to some reasons women and men get white hairs in this case don’t run for hair colours available in the super market. You can have more natural options for example HINA; paste on your hair for a couple of minutes and have glowing & shining hairs.

 Tip-5 Hair Cut: it is very important for both male and female to have a hair cut after two months maximum because some hairs grow to some extent and afterward growth stopped and block with two faces. So timely cutting is very important for the growth and health of your hairs.

Tip-6 Right Food: Food is the most important thing that provide you energy and keep you fit and healthy; same like food is very important for your hairs two because protein scattered with blood flow into your body and provide energy to each vein, muscle and part of body.   Vitamins E, B+ are very important for hairs so if you having egg in breakfast or carrots in salad then you might have great strong hairs. There is need to find out such food items that can provide vitamins to your hairs add such food items in your diet food.

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