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Home Remedies to Remove Sun

Summer is a head and specially in may, June and July everyone fancy to go beach side and enjoy sun bath with cool breeze , have fun with family and friends, take bath in the sea and enjoy the swings of water waves.

Most of the people have very sensitive body skin and their skin burn due to heavy sun rays.  The beautiful ladies love to wear beach out fits in the summer but unfortunately they get ugly sun tan on their body. Such sun tan really very embarrassing due to duel skin tone and females do not ignore these. Most of the ladies use bleach for suntan but unfortunately it’s only for a shorter period of time because suntan don’t go easily you have some patience for the removal of suntan completely. Here are a couple of amazing home remedies to remove sun tan from your body.

Remedy-1 Lemon: as lemon used in a lot of different remedies for suntan lemon juice works wonder it is a natural bleaching because of vitamin C and it does not hurt your body too. Secondly, take half lemon and put some honey on it and massage your suntan for 20 minutes within a week suntan will remove completely.

Remedy-2 Cucumber:  Cucumber is also very important for our beauty most of the beauty products like face facials; lotions and creams are useless without cucumber nutrients. Cucumber rich in natural moisturise, vitamin C and water. It is very good for a sensitive skin and you need to make a paste with cucumber, lemon and rose water for suntan and then paste this on suntan for 30 minutes execute this practice at least two weeks for getting rid of suntan.

Remedy-3 Tomato: most of time we use tomato as salad but this jungle fruit is best remedy for suntan because tomato contains minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidant which improve your healthy skin. You need to take tomato pulp, one table spoon of yogurt and some oatmeal mix all together and make a paste now apply paste of suntan for 30 minutes and get smooth shinning skin.

Remedy-4 Potato:  you might know about potato because it’s a great remedy for burnt skin. For example if you are working in the kitchen and accidently you got burn then use potato to relief the pain and cure your burnt skin. You need to peel a couple of potato mash it in a bowl or blender to make a paste then apply on your suntan for a couple of days. It will really help you to get rid of unwanted suntan on your skin.

Remedy-5 Aloe Vera: it is very good remedy for suntan need to apply directly on the infected skin for quick and better results so use Aloe Vera regularly for a smooth, glowing and soft skin.

All these remedies are very easy and particle; I am sure you will take the advantage of these remedies.

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