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Dried and Cracked Lips:

Lips are a vital element of a person’s beauty. It is not only a matter of beauty but also a matter of decency and grace. A person with dried or dark lips seems either disgusting or sick. So people may avoid talking him. Keeping this thing into consideration the following healthy and important tips has been introduced to the users so that they could be able to beautify their lips and get attraction in their selves. I hope you will find them useful.

  1. The simplest way to care for the dried lips is to mix lime juice, rose water and milk cream and apply it on your lips.
  2. The celebrities use to apply beetroot before lipstick application and a little bit Vaseline afterwards. It makes their lips glowing and pink all the time.
  3. The next tip you may apply during your meals. All you have to do is just apply some desi ghee on your lips daily and see how it works with your lips.
  4. By having just a drop of mustard oil in your navel daily for a week, you can find out very better results.
  5. Make a mixture of Rose water, Lime juice and glycerin by taking the same quantity of each. Now dip your lips into this mixture or apply it on your lips and let it dry itself or vapor in the air. Store the rest of the mixture in the fridge and apply it daily for three days, then make the new one.
  6. Take Nutmeg, Turmeric powder and butter in equal quantities. Apply them on your lips. Remember Turmeric powder is an antiseptic agent and butter helps to soften the dryness.
  7. You may also have a gentle massage of pure, unsalted butter or almond moisture or ghee to make your lips glow and get pinkish.
  8. A massage of chilled milk cream is the best cure for the cracked lips at home.
  9. A regular massage of coconut or olive oil can make your lips glow and shine.
  10. A cup of butter with grinded rose patels is a good cure for chapped lips.
  11. Chap sticks, petroleum Jelly and moisture lotion application can help you with soft pink lips.
  12. You can apply honey with lime on your lips and wash it after 15 minutes to beautify your lips.


Besides all of the above tips, If you find it difficult to gather the ingredients or look for the quantities, Just use this very simple tip at home. Go ahead with a little cotton / wool swab, dip it in warm water, squeeze out water and apply that warm cotton on your lips. Repeat the procedure for an hour or more. You may also add some Vaseline and glycerin into the water for quicker and better results. Have this treatment for the 10 days and you will have beautiful pink lips without cracks and chaps.

Tips for Dark Lips:

  1. Add some drops of beetroot juice to your lip balm and apply it on your lips every time when you need it will soften the lips and make them pink.
  2. Apply regularly 1/2 tsp Pomegranate juice and 1/2 tsp beetroot juice to help dark lips make pink.
  3. Make a paste of 2-3 over night soaked almonds with fresh cream and lemon juice and apply it regularly to the dark lips. It is the best cure for them.
  4. Lime drops with Honey also help to make the lips pink and glowing.
  5. To have rosy lips crush to juice some leaves of coriander and apply it to your lips before sleeping in the night and wash it in the morning. Repeat it every day for the best results.
  6. Apply some mixture of saffron and milk daily at night before sleeping.
  7. If you want your lips natural color back u can apply a mixture of rose leaves, saffron and butter for the whole night and wash it in the morning, you’ll feel the difference soon.