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Men Facial Masks- Remedies

Man skin is more resistive against weather as comparable to woman skin, but as nature required care so men also required some care for their skin and treatment to look handsome and fresh face. Here are a couple of facial masks for men that are easily to prepare at home and execute for fresh complexion and fairness.

Tip-1 Take a cup of plain yogurt add some honey in it mash well and make a paste then apply on your face at night around 30 to 45 minutes. It will cure black spots on your face and dryness.

Tip-2 Take two spoon of honey with milk mix well and make a paste then apply on your face for 20 minutes this will glow your skin and shine you face. You can do before party and amaze people with your glowing personality.

Tip-3 Take three fruits strawberry, banana and pineapple shake all together then mix it with plain yogurt in a bowl and make a paste then apply on your face in the morning for one hour this will remove dirt, cure pimples and fair your face.

We all spend a lot of money on facial wash, cream and lotions but with these easy remedies you can get a lot of benefits and results without any side effect.

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