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Nails your Beauty

You would to shake hands with a neat clean person and you might avoid a person having dirty hands and dirty nails because it is a human physiology and insecurity of diseases might cause or transfer through hand shake or touching. The most important thing of your personality is your neat and clean hands. It is very important to keep your hand and nails clean on daily basis if you do that then you can avoid a lot of disease like flu a cough etc because travelling in trains or using a shopping cart on super stores transferred such germs from nails to hands and from hands to your body. If you keep your nails clean then you can avoid disease and maintain a perfect health life. Here are a couple of tips that will help you to understand why and how it’s important to keep your nails clean for a beautiful health life.

Tip-1 incidentally eyes cast on the hands of opponent when you shake hand but you will have embarrassment if you have dirt under the fingernails and it does not leave a good impression of your personality. To a sophisticated exterior, of course you should have beautiful nails.

Tip-2 Glycerine is good remedy for your nails wash your hands on daily basis with glycerine.

Tip-3 try to eat more green leaves vegetables and fruits because vitamins C are very important for strong and beautiful nails.

Tip-4 cut your nails on weekly basis and dip into hot water for 10 minutes and then wash with normal tab water, dry your hands and massage for 5 minutes with any moisturizer. If you love your hands then practice this every night.

Tip-5 cleaning is very important part clean dirt under your fingernails and on the top of nails a white layer gives a dry effect to your nails scratch this white layer and massage with piece of lemon for shinning nails.

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