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Orange benefits

Orange is the most popular fruit in the world and people love to drink orange juice everyday life because they know orange juice provide energy and keep them healthy. This fruit is rich with vitamins and nutrients. This fruit is very tasty, delicious and contains vitamin A, B1 & C. Here are couple of more benefits that really help in your daily health and beauty.

Benefit-1 Vitamin C & Nutrients: vitamin C is very important for our body and heels burse quickly; also important to keep you safe from flue and cough germs. The orange is very rich with vitamin C one orange in a day can keeps your skin health and beautiful.

Benefit-2 Anti-oxidant & Fibber: The orange is antioxidant fruit which improve digestive system and combatant against ulcer and wash your blood. It also helps to kicks out unwanted acids in your body through urine. Orange also contains a compound D-Limonene which protects against lungs and breast cancer.

Benefit-3 Beautiful Face: One glass of orange juice with your breakfast keeps you young and health because fibber in orange provide your energy and other nutrients like vitamin C, A, B1 improve your hormones and digestive system and live produce fresh blood in your body. So if you are eating orange or having juice in both ways orange is very beneficial for your beautiful face and body. Orange also contains iodine, iron, manganese, sodium, folic acid, potassium and calcium.

Benefit-4 Orange for Kids: As describe above orange contains folic acid and this is very important for the growth of kid’s brain. If you have a feeling that kids will caught by cough and flue then you are wrong. You should increase the use of orange in your daily diet because it’s also very important for pregnant women. Orange also protects sperms from genetic damage that might lead to birth defect.

Benefit-5 Whitening Teeth and Strong Bones: A you know orange contains calcium which are important for bones and using one orange in a day make your bones strong and whitening your teeth also because vitamin C kills the oral germs and improve your fresh breath.

Benefit-6 Weight Loss: Orange nutrients divide food into small parts and help stomach to digest properly and quickly. The vitamin C is a perfect combatant of fatigue; so if you are exercising or playing any sport for losing weight then I will suggest drinking orange juice to increase or double the weight loss process.

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