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Skin Care

The skin tone and complexion change according to the place you live, weather effects, climates and season. Sometime the effect really positive but most of the time it turns into a nightmare. For example in cold weather countries people have dry skin but as compared to heat weather countries like Africa people have oil and dark skin and when people move from to another place the climate also effects on their skin. It is very important to know that what kind of skin you have for example dry skin or oily skin. Here are some tips for all skins to combat against stuffy weather and climate effects.

Tip-1 Food: Food always affects the whole body so you should be very careful in your diet matters increase the consumption of fruits and juices. Fruits and Juices not only cure dehydration issues in human body also maintain your soft and silky skin.

Tip-2 Water: water is another factor that really hit skin because you drink water, takes bath, wash your hands and face etc you also use water in your food stuff for making tea or cooking a curry. So water you are using should be pure water and drinkable. Some people have issues due to water. So possible everyone should drink according to the weight for example my weight is 75 KG so according to medical science I should have drunk 3.5 L of water on daily basis. Water is very important to smooth blood flow and control blood pressure; so make your habit to drink maximum glass of water in a day.

Tip-3 Moisturiser: After washing your hands, feet, face or a complete bath you should massage your hands, feet and face with valued moisturiser that can buy easily from any super store. You skin is like a green leaf; if you will provide proper water and compost to plants it will grow fast green otherwise plants will dead and brown same like is your skin if you will care you will have soft and silky skin.

Tip-4 Make-up: most of the women complaint about pimples on face and the study conclude that such women don’t remove or wash their make-up properly at night. If you are a bit lazy and you don’t bother to wash your face after backing home from night out or party then you can’t get rid of your face pimples. So it is very important that you can buy some make-up remove wipes from any super store it takes only five minutes.

Tip-5 Travelling: Many times you get infected due to travelling with some strange personality might have some skin disease. Especially in the evening around 05 pm to 07 pm train station full with passengers and nobody wants to wait for next train people jump on each other for a square meter space. Please avoid travelling like that because germs transfer through breath, touch and clothes secondly its tiring journey after a long day.

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