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Tips for Pink Lips

Wish of every female is to have pink and rosy lips. It is an open secret that pink lips really make a female personality fabulous and sexy.  If you are really sick of your dark lips then here are some tips for you.

Tip-1 use honey and lemon on daily basis, make a mixture of honey and lemon apply on your lips before you sleep at night

Tip-2 if you are drinking 5 glasses of water in a day then you needs to increase the water quantity up to 15 glasses in a day.

Tip-3 stop smoking which dangerous for you health also a reason of dark lips.

Tip-4 if you lips become dry then use water and on the other hand use lip stick to get rid of dry lips.

Tip-5 use fresh juices like orange juice, apple juice, cucumber juice and carrot juice best for pink lips.

Tip-6 Almond oil is also perfect for soft and pink lips; you need to apply almond oil on your lips every day.

Tip-7 lip massage with glycerine and beetroot; take a slice of beetroot put some glycerine on it and then massage softly your lips with it within a couple of days you will have soft and pink lips.

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