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Tips For Skin in Monsoon Weather

Take care of yourself in the humid Monsoon Weather:

How to take a good care of skin in Monsoon?

Monsoon is the most different season of the year. In this season skin reacts in many odd ways. The biggest factor in this season which deals with skin is humidity and moisture in atmosphere. It reacts with different skins in different ways. Sometimes it makes the skins oily and sometimes it make it dehydrated. To tackle with this situation take the following measures.

Skin treatment:

If you have dry skin you must wash your face with a good anti bacterial soap or face wash and after that rub an ice cube for five minutes on your face to control your sweating level. You must use such a soap that contain moisturizers, otherwise your skin will be more dried. On the other hand if your skin is oily then use such a face wash that has oil control formula.
After cleansing your skin you must carry forward to tone it, the best time of skin toning is night time, because there are a lot of micro organisms in the air which react with your skin. So they may cause pimples and acnes and other derma problems. Mostly the oily skin gets such problems and it makes the person less confident. If it happens so always use an acetic cleaning agent that will help to remove the extra oil on skin and will give a fresh and tidy look. It will also make you self confident.
It is very important to note that whatever the weather is your skin needs a moisturizer, so even in the rainy season your skin may lose its moisture by wetting again and again. So if you have a dry skin, when it gets wet you clean it with the help of a tissue and if you feel some dryness apply some moisturizer on it. It is so because dry skin will cause you itching which is severely dangerous.
It is also advised that keep using a sun block before going out. It will protect your complexion and keep you safe from UVA & UVB rays. You may use a light sun block in this season because it is not as hot as in summer or sun rays are not that intense as in summer. So SPF 20-25 is good enough. These were some simple tips for your skin care. By applying them you will surely be able to get a fresh glowing and soft skin. It will help you a lot to look pretty and attractive. So go ahead with these tips and find the optimum results.

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How do I take care of my Hair in Monsoon?

In the monsoon season can cause your hair sticky, greased and full of dandruff. Even if you take bath it will give you the same irritating feeling. By remaining wet your scalp skin may get fungus and other humidity problems, so you have to take good care of your hair in this season. Under mentioned are some of the tips for such a terrifying situation. Use a medicated shampoo for washing the hair and by it as per your skin type. Wash your hairs more frequently than any other season. If you will not use a medicated hair shampoo, the ordinary one will not remove dandruff from the skin and constant dandruff existence in your hair will cause your scalp irritate and make your hair to fall at a high speed. After having shampoo always use a conditioner. It is must in monsoon to save your hairs. When you are finished with washing, never let your skin wet. Immediately use towel or blow dryer to dry your hairs. To have a balanced PH in your body, drink enough water and have a good diet. You may also take a good care by massaging your head with or without oil. If you want to use oil, heat it a little bit before applying. Massage will help blood to circulate in the scalp more. In monsoon weather do not use the rubber bands for hairs, but use clips and plastic catchers. These were the cures for your body in the monsoon. Now you feel free and enjoy each season freely. Keep healthy keep smiling always.

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