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Tips For Winter

Tips For Winter Protection

Take care of yourself in the chilled Wintry Weather:

Winter is a different challenge for the beauty concerned people. In this season there is less activity as compared to summer. People mostly spend time at home near heaters and chimneys. Your body is wrapped in the in the warm clothes and a fluffy quilt, from head to toe. But the fact is that, this weather also demands some care from you. Later on we shall discuss these cares in detail. Let us start with the hair first.


How to care for your Hair in winter?

In winter there is dryness found in the air, which affects badly on hair and your scalp. It makes the both dry and weak. So you must have taken enough steps to save both. So first of all prepare yourself for the winter dryness and massage your hair with aloevera juice for the 10 to 15 minutes and then wash that, it will give you back the softness your hair and scalp.
As you know wintry season is chilled one so in this season olive oil is the best tonic for hair. It is so because it is warm in its nature so it nourishes the hair and gives it the required heat in the cold weather. Just heat the oil a little before applying and let it be there for a lesser time than you give in summer. Because the long soak time can close down your skin pores which will cause less air transfer through your hair and it will weaken the hair. You may massage your hair twice a week and do not use the oils that contain herbals in them, because herbals are cold so they should be used in the summer season. Also avoid washing your hair more in the winter as per health point of view. It may cause you ill.
In the winter season cut off your hairs from the ends. It will clean your split ends and will give your hair strength. Also avoid using hair irons or blow dryers in the winter, because they may cause to snatch the natural moisturizers from your hair and make them dry and weak enough to fall off. Do not dye or streak your hair frequently in winter, it is also dangerous.
Always use hair catchers and bands in winter to cover your hair and never let them open and free. Cold and dry air will react with them and will cut down their natural softness and moisture. In winter season before revealing your hair to woolen clothes, first cover them in silk. It is also a cure against dryness. This was the care for your hair let’s now move forward to your skin.


How to take care of your skin in wintry?

Skin not only depends upon the measures you take to make it glow from outside, but it also depends upon what you eat or drink. So in the wintry weather as you know there is dryness so use a lot of water to deal with dryness. Waster is the best cure for dryness. Besides that try having more fruits and vegetables, they also help to nourish the skin internally and fulfill the moisture requirements of the skin. If you use olive oil and primrose syrup, you will be feeling the difference in your skin glow and tone.
During winter weather avoid using soaps, because soaps have such ingredients in them which remove the skin oil and make the skin dry. So except using soap, one should use green gram powder to make her skin soft. If you are not satisfied without using soap, you may have such a soap that contains moisture or u may have coconut oil massage before taking a bath. It will also help you a lot to fight against skin dryness. Along with all the above tips you must use skin moisturizers such as petroleum jelly, cold creams and lotions to protect your skin from dryness. The simplest way to avoid dryness is, add some drops of oil to your bathing water and you will not need any other headache, and do not use very hot water for bathing it is also dangerous for skin’s natural oil and moisture.


How to take care of Hands legs and nails in wintry?

It is very common that in winter weather your whole body suffers from dryness, it is so because of dried wind and less moisture in atmosphere. To deal with this problem you must have a proper care for all your body along with face and hair. So when you are going to soak your legs in the warm water for the treatment, always add some drops of oil in that water, and also put rubber gloves on hands before let them into the water. Also use a base coat on nails for saving them from negative effects.

Mask for Hands N Feet: To make a good mask for hand and feet In wintry, take 5 spoons of butter and add 5 spoons of almond oil in it. After that lend this and store in refrigerator for use.
To avoid having hang nails use good moisturizer lotions and creams once or twice a day.
If you are not satisfied with above tip for hand n feet then try this one to have better results. Take 1 egg yolk, add avocado’s pulp in it and then add some rice powder. Mix these things well and after that add 2 or 3 capsules of Primosa (add them by cutting them and using their oil only not outer shells). Blend all the above ingredients very well that it seems like a paste. Now put it on your hands and feet and after 20 to 25 minutes wash them.

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How to take care of lips?

Lips mostly get dried in wintry and it often start pain if not cured in time. Sometimes lips start bleeding as well due to dryness. For this have enough quantity of water in routine. Also use good moisturizing creams and lip balms to keep them safe. The best moisturizers for lips are Milk cream and butter. If you want to scrub your lips, then take a little amount of scrub and massage it gently on the lips for almost a minute. Then wash it and use a good oil or lip balm on it. It will remove the dead cells and make your lips soft and red.
Note: scrub the lips only once a week or fortnightly. Do not use this tip on daily basis.