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Tips in Summer

Treatment in summer season

Take care of yourself in the hot summer season:

The summer season affects the lives a lot especially for the beauty concerned people it is very difficult to manage in the hot season. They often look worried and busy in different hit and trial methods to prevent themselves from the summer effects. For those concerned people here are some simple tips that can save their beauty as well as their time.


Treatment for Sun Burnt Hair

  • To get the shine of your hair back mix some honey with the egg yolk and blend them well. Apply this mixture on your hairs and let it for minimum half an hour. Now wash the hairs with good shampoo and conditioner. You’ll see the results yourself.
  • In the same way you may also use olive oil with lemon juice and let it be there for the normal oiling time. Now wash the hairs with shampoo followed by a good conditioner. Try using same brands for shampoo and conditioner, because sometimes both do not make compatibility so it can damage your hairs.

How to care for your Eyes in summer:

The first and foremost care for eyes in the summer is just to keep them safe from direct sunlight. For this purpose you may use sun shades or sun glasses, but never ever let the sun contact directly with your eyes. Some more cares are as follows:

  • Cucumber is a frequently available vegetable in the summer season. Pick out some slices of the cocumbner and put them turn by turn on your eyes and let each of them there for at least 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure minimum 5 times. It will give your eyes freshness.
  • Tea lovers can also protect their eyes in the summer. All you have to do in soak the teabag into warm water for a couple of minutes and then pick them out and squeeze a little bit so that it do not dry completely. Now put them on your eyes for as long as you feel better. It is a good thing for eyes relaxing.
  • Always use rose water for the eyes. Have one or two drops almost daily. It will clean your eyes and help to protect them from infections.
  • You can also use rose water mixed with cucumber water. Apply it with a cotton pad on your eyes. It will cool down the eyes and relax them.
  • In the summer regularly use vitamin E oil massage around your eyes to soothing them.

How to care for your Nose/Ear in Summer

Nose is highly affected in summer by sun, but we mostly don’t notice it. In such a case we are just able to cure it in only one way that is i.e. Use mixture of cucumber and rose water OR use aloe vera gel for massaging your nose. It will clean the dust and nourish the skin of nose. It is also good as per health point of view. In the summer sometimes your ears are also affected by dust and hot wind blowing. So it may cause your ears to produce more wax. For this purpose you should pour one or two drops of olive oil at night before sleeping and should cover your ears with small cotton stabs.

How to care for your Face/Body in Summer


The heat and light of sun in summer is not ever good for your skin. It always darkens your complexion. In summer sun remits some such rays that are very dangerous for the bared skin. So to keep yourself safe from any damages, it is highly recommended that always use any kind of sun block lotion or cream that contains appropriate amount of SPF along with UVA, it will be the best thing to protect your skin and complexion. Never forget to put on sunblock when you are exposing to sun. Sometimes in summer your skin is burnt due to intense heat or your skin is sensitive to heat, for that you should use the following tips.

  • Apply some yogurt with lavender oil on your face and let it dry itself. Then Wash your face. You should take the precautions before applying it or you may just apply yogurt without lavender oil.
  • To glow and nourish your skin use aloe vera gel. It will help a lot.
  • While taking bath have some baking soda in water. It will clean the skin pores.
  • Use tea tree oil for the same above purpose if you find it. That is a good tonic for skin.

NOTE:- Sometimes sensitive people get sun stroke in the summer. It may cause nose bleeding, nausea or intense headache. In such a case always take a bath with normal cold water in the summer, and when stepping out of the house, use umbrella.


  • Try to be at home or office means inside the premises between 12pm to 4pm. That is intense hat time.
  • Drink as much water as you can in routine. At least 8 glass water daily.
  • Increase the usage of drinks like lemon juice with salt. Because in summer a lot of salt level is lost in body due to sweating. It will never let your body salt level down in summer.
  • You can also use mango juice and juices of other available fruits. It glows the skin.
  • Also use salad in lunch daily.

Sun screens and Sun blocks in summer:

Whenever you want to step out of your home, do not ever forget to put on sun block or sun screen. You may apply it like first use some moisturizer and then put on sun screen. It will be very beneficial for you.

All about Sun-Protection It is very important that you know “The Law of Sun Block”, before you go for its care. Actually there are two types of skin pigments that are called melanin. The first one is Pheomelanin and the other one is eumelanin. The pheomelanin is found in fair skins. These kinds of skins need a lot of sun protection. Because they are light or fair in complexion, so the sun affect them more. On the other hand eumelanin skins are already darker in colour, so they have more sun protection by default. When a person is exposed to sun, his/ her skin starts producing eumelanin that makes the skin darker. So Persons who already have eumelanin in the skin means they have dark complexion they do not need to worry about sun. It is very important to the people who are fain in complexion, because when skin starts producing eumelanin their complexion starts to become darker which makes a contrast with their normal skin color. So they may look odder.

Application of Sun Block:

The application of sun screen also does matter. It is very important to consider that how you’re going to apply a sun block or sun screen. First of all settle the time when you’re planning to go out into the sun. You need to pick a time of almost 40 minutes before stepping out. Now apply sun screen on your and let it be there. It will be the Foundation of the sun screen. After that right before leaving home dip cotton pad into rose water and gently move it over the face and apply some more sun screen. This will be your Final touch. Now let me tell you the secret behind this. Once you applied the sun screen 40 minutes before leaving, it made your skin prepared to be exposed into the sun. Secondly when you applied it made a cover for your skin to prevent producing eumelanin with the reaction of sun.
If you expose yourself more to sun it may cause your skin to damage permanently. Besides that UVA and UVB can cause skin cancer, skin rash or burn. So if you have fair complexion you need to have more care. Always use high protection sun screen shield i.e. SPF-80.
Always take your skin type under consideration when you’re choosing the sunscreen. If you have dried skin choose the moisturizing sun block other wise use matt. Matt sun block can be used as a make-up base as well. Do not skip using sun block even if you are at home. Apply it at least once daily.


Sun-screen Lotion:

  • In summer make a lotion of cucumber juice with the same quantity of glycerin and rose water. It is a good cool tonic for skin. You may keep it refrigerated for many days.
  • Massage a ripe papaya in summer daily. It will give you a lot of chill.
  • Make a paste with grain flour and milk and apply it on the face for almost 15 minutes, then wash it. It is a soothing mixture for skin.
  • You can also make a great lotion for the skin care in summer. In the one and a half liter distilled water take almost half kg rose petals and boil for 15 minutes. Now pour 1 teaspoon almond oil and some drops of benzyl in it. Let it be cool now and save it in a bottle and refrigerate. Use it daily for face wash. You’ll see the effect in a few days.