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Winter Survive for Feet – Tips

We all use heavy stuffed boots in winter and due to dry air outside and your feet overheated inside result in dry cracked heels, peeling skin specially foot fingers and itching. This is common problem all of us including kids, women and men. Some of us don’t care about their feet and in habit of keep dirty feet for example they don’t wash three times in a day. They just enter the house release shoes & socks and jump on the bed. This is a very bad habit as well as smelly feet destroyed your room freshness. Secondly you might have some feet disease like allergic, dryness and cracked monster heels. Here are tips for all of us to keep our feet in good health. Most of the medical specialists suggest that was your feet before you going to bed because our feet have some connection with our mind and notions.

Tip-1 choose your footwear wisely, if you are going for shopping in winter then you should have point bigger shoes. Secondly, due to snow fall you have heavy snow on the roads and footpaths this ice slowly melt down and walking on snow wet you boots and socks. This is very bad for boots and feet you might have stinking smell from boots and socks. So when you back from outsider put your boots inclined for fresh air pass through it and wash your feet as soon as possible.

Tip-2 chooses your socks properly, if you are going for sports or gym then you should have cotton socks that help to protect from sweating and germs. It is very important to use recommended shoes for the sports and gym.

Tip-3 during winter you should not use hot water to wash your feet, preferably you should use normal tab water for washing feet because hot water is dangerous for feet muscles and blood veins, use normal water all the time for washing feet will keep your feet smooth and crack free.

Tip-4 some people are in habit to walk with bare feet especially when they are at home or on job. If you can’t leave your habit then you should buy a pair of feet gloves. Because walking with bare feet developed crack in your heels and the dust filled in these cracks and whenever you paste lotion or cream for heel cracks it does not work the reason is that medicine does not go properly in the cracks which are already filled with dust. So whenever you are going to use a cream or lotion make sure you have washed your feet properly.

Tip-5 for smooth feet skin you should soak your feet at least five minutes in warm water please keep in mind warm water not hot water. In summer water is very important for our body same as water is very important for feet too. After soaking in the warm water your feet become soft and clean then you should apply some moisturizer on it to make more beautiful.

Tip-6 during you bath use foot scrub for heels specially and make sure when you are coming out from the tub bath you have clean feet. Some of us don’t care about such things.

Tip-7 give two minutes to your feet and do a mini pedicure a lot of products available in the market for cracked heels, dry feet, peeling skin etc but I will recommend Body Shop products that are might be expensive but really works. If you can’t afford then mix lavender and petroleum jelly and apply it on your feet daily and massage them.

Tip-8 increase your blood flow, the medical science has proven that feet massage improves your blood flow. If you see human body at a glance then flow of blood always from feet to head in standing position, so you should massage your feet on daily basis before you sleep.

I am recommending feet treatment at night time because after that you no need to go outside for walk or on job, so after treatment you will enjoy a good sleep and get up early in the morning with fresh smile. Please note also a couple of things that can apply for feet massage olive oil and lemon drops with glycerine or oil.

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