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Winter Survive for Hands

All the parts of your body are blessing of God and we all love and thankful to God for these blessings. As all hands are on of the important part of our body. The most of people judge your personality through your body language, what you are wearing, how you smile and most important thing people notice that’s your hands.

You always raise your hands to welcome your friends and if you are having awful hands that might disappoint you in your day to day social life. So it is very important to take care of your hands. Here are some tips for your lovely hands.

Tip-1 if you are feeling dryness and roughness in the beginning of winter season then you needs to change your soap as soon as possible. You need to visit nearest retail store to buy a new soap.

Tip-2 you need to buy a pair of gloves to protect your hand from dryness or humidity in the air. After washing your hands with hot or cold water the moister in the air damage the gentleness of your hands skin.

Tip-3 you also need to buy a hand lotion for morning and night use. You can buy any according to your choice and budget. Now a days you can also have a choice to choose fairness lotion if you are a bit conscious about your hand complexion then use the mixture of sugar, lemon juice and palms only for two weeks.

Tip-4 there is another easy tip for your lovely hands; if you are sick of your hands dryness then you need to use rose water with glycerine. Make a paste of rose water and glycerine; use it before you sleep every night and in a couple of weeks your hands skin will be smooth.

Tip-5 there are a lot of home remedies that people normally use but most effective remedies for hand care us to apply glycerine, honey and egg yolk, mix it up and make a find paste for daily use.

Tip-6 it is basically home-manicure, you can give a massage to your hands on weekends or any off day. You just need to soak you hands in hot water for half an hour then massage your hands with hand lotion or cream and apply a moisturizer.

These beauty tips surely help you to keep your hands soft, silky, neat and clean.

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